Sami Kaipa

Sami Kaipa

As an Engineering Leader/Repeat Entrepreneur/Co-founder at Tingono, Sami wears many hats. This means he writes about all things related to startups, technology, and how data can be leveraged to produce more revenue. When he finds time to step away from building a business, you’ll either find him out on a tennis court or wiping the floor with his 3 sons on Mario Kart.

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Becoming Churn Proof

There are endless opinions about how to reduce churn in your business. 

Democratizing ML

Voting. Finance. Information. Drones. Software Development. AR/VR…

Yes, you can do better than NPS

The research industry is rife with maxims meant to express a general truth about society.

Tingono is now SOC 2 Compliant

I’ll admit up front that this is likely our most boring blog post to date. Yet, it’s super important.   I’m psyched about both the topic and what it means ...

For healthy revenue growth, ditch the proxy business metrics

Billy Beane, the protagonist of Michael Lewis’s best seller Moneyball, asked a simple question: Why do we make critical business decisions based on proxy m...

Why product use alone doesn’t necessarily mean revenue growth

In various roles in my career, I’ve had to ask myself: “What drives revenue growth for my business?” I think this is explicitly a math question, but I don’...

Connecting Tingono, customer retention and recurring revenue

As Parry mentioned in his first blog post, our prior business experience practically goaded us to start Tingono. We love a good challenge; especially one w...

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