Make your recurring revenue growth epic

Custom-made ML models plus automation makes it easy for post-sales teams to retain and expand customer revenue.
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What we do

🌰 In a nutshell, we help you boost Net Revenue Retention

That means we help you improve cross-sells, upsells, renewals, downgrades, and churn. So, yeah…we have you covered. Read FAQs
How we do it: Insights

See all the ways a customer interacts with your company… in one view 🤯

A 360° customer view shows how customers use your product, how many support requests have been logged, how much they spend, etc. If they engage with your company, you'll see it here.
How we do it: Predictions

Use your customer data to see into the future. No more surprises! 🔮

You can now proactively and confidently close expansion opportunities and prevent churn risks. Because our revenue predictions are customized to your exact needs. Godspeed!
How we do it: Orchestration

Turn insights into action and grant your team revenue superpowers. ✨

With our orchestration engine, your entire GTM team will be all about the doing. Your team can now prioritize and scale their revenue activities, working together to boost your Net Revenue Retention.
How are we different

Tingono meets you where you are 👈🏾

Enjoy specific recommendations that are customized for your unique business.
Cheer because Tingono works even with sparse data sets.
Smile because we make onboarding super simple. We do the heavy lifting; you do all the relaxing!
Celebrate alerts that notify you right where you work—in either Slack or Teams.
Get a demo. However you like it best.
Interact with us if you choose. Or just watch a demo by yourself. However you prefer to do it, we’ve got you covered.
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