This Is How AI Unlocks Epic Recurring Revenue Growth

With Tingono, the best Customer Success teams are now dollar-driven, turning noisy customer data into actions that boost Net Revenue Retention (NRR).
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What we do

🌰 In a nutshell, we help CS teams retain customers and sell more to them

AI + Automation helps you improve cross-sells, upsells, renewals, downgrades, and churn. So, yeah…we have you covered.
How we do it: Predict

Proactively uncover opportunities and risks 🔮

Our AI makes your customer data actionable so you can proactively capture expansion opportunities and prevent churn risks before they are an issue.
How we do it: Prepare

All your customer data in one view 🤯

Quickly understand how customers use your product, how many support requests have been logged, how much they spend, and so much more...
How we do it: Pursue

Turn insights into action so you can get more done 🚀

Tingono’s Generative AI technology is how CSMs scale, leveraging customer-ready, intelligently crafted content to get more done in less time.
How are we different

Tingono meets you where you are 👈🏾

Enjoy specific AI recommendations for every one of your unique customers.
Cheer because Tingono integrates with whatever CSP you use (e.g., Gainsight, Totango, etc.).
Smile because we onboard you in 7 days! You’ll see immediate impact on your customer revenue!
Celebrate alerts that notify you right where you work—in either Slack or Teams.
Get a demo. However you like it best.
Interact with us if you choose. Or just watch a demo by yourself. However you prefer to do it, we’ve got you covered.
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